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Global consultancy: worldwide standards for efficiency and productivity

Globales Consulting

Today, trading, buying and selling on international markets is a matter of course - for companies as well as private individuals. Many companies already operate on an international level when producing their goods and services, either to be closer to their customers' or suppliers' markets or to exploit cost advantages and resource potential locally.

Companies in an international production network often must consider different time zones, languages, legal systems and country-specific mentalities in their cooperation. Standardisation, communication standards and the same IT system are important prerequisites for coordinating and harmonising value-added processes across national borders.

Different market requirements ensure that manufacturers must constantly improve their product quality, reduce their costs and become more efficient on a daily basis. The productivity of service and goods production in the entire company group is oriented towards the weakest link in the supply chain. Only when all units make their contribution in optimised processes can the best possible result be achieved.

Process excellency for international success

This requires strategies and concepts that focus on cost efficiency, innovation, lean, customer-oriented organisational processes and consistent digitisation. This is the basis for achieving a process excellency that ensures long-term competitiveness and profitability for manufacturing companies across national borders.

This task is extremely demanding. The production strategy must be derived from the corporate strategy and operationalised, the cost structures must remain lean while increasing flexibility, the opportunities from technological advancements and Industry 4.0 must be used in a targeted manner, and the increasing complexity must be mastered and reduced at the same time. In addition, employees must be qualified and empowered in such a way that they can fulfil these tasks with confidence.

The comprehensive view of every relevant aspect of the industrial value chain is required here: from setting of the strategic course and the development of the global production map to technologies, systems, processes and qualifications in the plant - both nationally and internationally.

Creating synergies through standards with global consulting

REFA International AG offers real added value for internationally positioned companies with its range of services for global consultancy and current online seminars, as an add-on also in English. The application of Best-Practice-Methods to increase productivity and optimise processes should not be limited to one location only. Rather, the aim is to develop synergies through standards in work design and operational organisation throughout the entire corporate group.

Our comprehensive methodological competence, technical and industry expertise as well as detailed knowledge of the relevant technologies and concepts around Lean Management and Industry 4.0 make us an optimal partner in this challenging environment.

In detail, our range of services covers the following topics:

  • Lean production
  • Time Recordings
  • Activity Sampling
  • Process Analysis and Process Optimisation
  • Factory Planning
  • Logistics and Warehouse Optimisation
  • Time Management according to REFA
  • Cost and Performance Accounting
  • Design of Remuneration Systems
  • Shopfloor Management
  • Quality Management

Our bundle of consultancy, coaching and further vocational qualifications has also proven itself internationally. - Put us to the test!

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