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As one of the largest countries in the EU Spain has excellent conditions as an economic partner, despite some adversities. The economic market with close to 47 million inhabitants offers attractive opportunities in almost every sector. Moreover, the Spanish market is the main gateway to South America. In contrast, Latin America is a more difficult place for entrepreneurial activities. Anyone active in the South American markets must be prepared for a roller coaster ride. The growth of individual countries as well as the region, is marked by ups and downs with extreme swings.

Do you already produce in Spain and Middle or South America or maintain important supply chains in this region? Is your company engaged in the Spanish or Latin American supplier industry and offers services to foreign countries? Then there is no way around international standards in business organisation and process optimisation. As important as it is for an internationally operating company considering the country-specific characteristics, it is just as important to have consistent communication, terminology and methodical procedures across national borders. This is important because standardisation and communication standards are important prerequisites for aligning and coordinating global value creation processes. It is only then that you can achieve your corporate goals in the long term and score points in competition.

Certified REFA-Consultants - our own locally based consultancy firms or selected cooperations - support you in this process with goal-oriented organisational, time management and production consultancy as well as lean management - both nationally and internationally.

REFA-Methods combined with Lean: proven international standards

As if doing business in Spain and Latin America was not challenging enough, you also have to manage the transition to Industry 4.0 across countries if you want to survive in the market. However, before you can upgrade in terms of technology, the structures, procedures and processes have to be made transparent, designed to meet requirements and optimised in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Internationally tried-and-tested REFA-Methods for process analysis and optimisation according to lean management provide the foundation for significant performance increase and cost minimisation in the context of this technological development. The standards introduced allow you to create valuable synergies in work design and business organisation in the Spanish market and in Central and South America. Large industrial companies such as Siemens, Linde or Schindler already rely on the proven REFA-Expertise. Many automotive suppliers for example, Schaeffler or the Dräxlmaier Group, also use the tried-and-tested consultancy and training services offered by REFA International AG.

Demand-driven consultancy and vocational training for Spain and Central and South America

REFA International AG offers companies based in or doing business in Spain and South America a real added value with its global consultancy services. The use of Best-Practice-Methods for productivity enhancement and process optimisation is no longer limited to the domestic market but takes effect across countries. Our consultants, who are familiar with cultural, legal and economic specifics, are ready to work for you in Spain and countries of Central and South America, such as Mexico. Thanks to our local presence we are flexible and can react quickly to changing requirements.

Wide range of consultancy services

Regardless of whether you are at home in the service sector or in industry, our Spanish-speaking consultants will work with you on the implementation of lean and innovative process solution, both in production and the administrative areas of your company. Equipped with the proven REFA-Methods repertoire we support you all the way from factory planning to the optimisation of individual process steps in the operational business. Our focus is on the following topics:

  • Lean Management
  • Time studies/Activity sampling
  • Process analysis/Process optimisation
  • Factory planning
  • Logistics and warehouse optimisation
  • Time management according to REFA
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Shopfloor management
  • Quality management

Up-to-date and practice-proven vocational Training

Standards in terminology and procedures lead to greater efficiency in communication and thus speed up optimisation processes in your company. They ensure that all employees involved in the value stream of an internationally operating company, speak a “uniform” language and work with the same tools and methods towards the company goals - despite differing national characteristics. This state can be achieved by targeted further training of employees. When it comes to proven methods regarding time management, processes and lean management, REFA International AG supports you with the most up-to-date and practice-proven qualification program at home and many other countries around the world. Our company-specific in-house seminars and online trainings upgrade your cross-border teams to a common level of knowledge, build up professional competencies in your company worldwide and expand knowledge in company-specific topics.

Our many years of consultancy experience in Spain and Latin America provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the market from consultant’s and entrepreneur's point of view. See for yourself!

Selected REFA projects in Spain and Central and South America

Here is a small excerpt of our projects in Spain and Central and South America:

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