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More efficiency, productivity and closeness to citizens

For some years now, a change has been noticeable in the public administrations, owner-operated municipal enterprises, institutions and organisations. For example, entire processes are questioned or the way costs are handled is fundamentally reoriented. Our counselling services support you in meeting the new requirements and to achieve efficiency and productivity as well as more closeness to the citizens in the processes and process organisation.

Headcount planning in public administration

When estimating the future personnel requirements of an administration, REFA International AG relies on the corresponding planning and calculation values. This means:

  • the personnel requirements are planned qualitatively and quantitatively;
  • in planning by quality, the qualifications or skill profiles needed in the future (short, medium or long term) are identified.

Efficient analyses of the actual situation through activity samplings

By making observations at time intervals, the Activity samplings allow statements to be made about the time structure of work processes. The main advantage of this is that it takes less time than a full survey. The distribution of an employee’s activities can be determined statistically, e.g. within the framework of a REFA allowance time study.

In the administrative sector, intellectual activities are predominant. These cannot be observed by external persons. Here, self-registration as part of the activity sampling is a suitable method. In this process, a recording device asks the respective employee at random intervals to note down the type of process he or she is currently performing.

Optimisation of administrative workflows

Particularly in the optimisation of administrative workflows and processes, considerable time reserves and potentials for cost reduction can be identified. We are your competent partner for reorganisation projects and for Process optimisation in administration.

  • Design of work tasks
  • Process optimisation
  • Time study
  • Personnel requirement assessment

Organisational examinations

The systematic study of organisations is a basic prerequisite for:

  • Process evaluations
  • Process renewals
  • Restructurings

Coaching for reorganisations

There are many obstacles in reorganisation projects that are purely human in nature. However, different views on the part of employers and employees also often have a noticeable slowing effect on such projects.

As a coach with extensive practical experience, REFA International AG can provide suitable solutions to problems as they arise.

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