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In our modern world with its globally networked economy, more and more companies are operating internationally - not only large companies, but increasingly also medium-sized and even highly specialised small businesses. Cooperation and delivery routes cross national borders - and the supply chain must function flawlessly across all stations. Whether upstream or downstream: In each link of the chain, the processes are to be continuously improved in order to avoid waste - also called muda in the Lean method - and to optimise value creation at all levels.

In order to be able to continuously improve processes though, they must first be analysed. This is where REFA methods such as the time studies come in: This important analysis tool reveals what happens where and when, and where to start optimising structures and processes.

Your partner worldwide: REFA International

Whether continuous improvement process or Lean Management: Both start at the bottom: at the Gemba, at the place where the action takes place. Here it becomes clear where and in what way value creation takes place and who is ultimately responsible for it: your employees. If their deployment can be made more efficient through changes in structures and workflows, this is a big step towards increasing efficiency. And this applies to all areas: to production as well as to maintenance or administration.

As many organisations today are integrated into a network spanning the globe with interdependencies, REFA is also active on an international scale. We help you and your partners worldwide by advising and coaching you directly on site or also virtually, in the form of online seminars and trainings.

Time studies: the basis of optimisation

REFA International offers you scientifically substantiated, easily comprehensible time observations for almost every area of the company. These have been tried and tested in practice over many years and are methodically recognised by both employers and the employees. Time studies are used

  • as a basis for process optimisation;
  • to reduce the throughput time for orders, from planning to control;
  • to create standard and allowance times as guide values;
  • to support make-or-buy decisions or for price calculations in cost accounting;
  • as a decision-making aid in headcount planning;
  • as a basis for the use of modern, performance-related remuneration systems.

REFA time studies are systematic, structured and follow a standardised procedure. First, the description of the work system includes the work procedure, the work method and the working conditions, then reference quantities and influencing factors are considered. Essential for time studies is the division of activities into definable, separable sections and the repeated measurement of the time the employees need for this. In parallel, the performance degrees of the employees involved are estimated in order to be able to take inter- and intrapersonal performance differences into account. The times determined in this way can be related to normal performance and analysed as target and allowance times with regard to potential for improvement.

Time studies are the data base for cost accounting and controlling systems, as they collect relevant time components such as allowance and allowed time or standard time modules and make them objectively tangible. This transparency is necessary in order to be able to make reliable statements about business processes and their control. With time studies carried out by us, you can collect the necessary data and create a solid calculation basis for the actual costs and the control of the processes in your company.

REFA International: Our offer

In physics, power (or activity) is defined as work per unit of time. Therefore, time management is the basis for assessing the activity of the company. In order to be able to evaluate these objectively - and thus both calculate and remunerate them - you need binding, recognised building blocks. These are, among others, allowed and allowance times, and allowance time surcharges.

What REFA International offers you:

  • If you have already introduced or established a time management system in your company, we will check it for you - as neutral experts, of course.
  • If you see a need for action to improve your time management, we will advise you and present you our time study methods according to the recognised REFA methodology. We coach your staff on-site or virtually with accompanying time management seminars and workshops to make them fit to collect the data and analyse it, and further support you with training to expand your internal circle of time study experts.
  • We are also happy to accompany the concrete implementation on your premises. Our well-trained staff will support your time management projects directly in your company for a few weeks or even months, for example to carry out time studies. This form of staff leasing enables you to find your own employees for these tasks without creating fixed expenses for time management. Of course, our consultants are also available to you as troubleshooters to deal with unforeseen difficulties at short notice.

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