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What are the processes and procedures in your organisation? Where are the interfaces and who is responsible in each case? How are the individual activities and work steps documented? If you can answer these questions without thinking too long, you know what’s going on and have already made good progress towards introducing and establishing a quality management system.

Practical tools such as risk assessments, a continuous improvement process (CIP) as well as audits and certifications can help you. All this leads to a quality management system that supports the successful implementation and evaluation of the idea of quality in your company. In this way, you fulfil the requirement for transparency and traceability of the output achieved. In this way, both production companies and service providers meet the requirements of their customers, increase their satisfaction, retain them in the long term and thus contribute to sustainable economic success.

Manage and control processes via a QM system

We work with you to develop structures for customer-oriented internal work processes and involve your employees with their know-how and experience. The processes are mapped holistically in a quality management system that not only reflects the required contents, but also regulates responsibilities and authorities, documents information and defines the qualifications of the employees. In doing so, we follow the idea of continuous, sustainable improvement - at all levels.

Entrust yourself to us and rely on our many years of experience to install and establish a QM system. We also prepare a standard-compliant certification: its successful implementation is a clear signal to your customers that you are striving for quality!

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Review and supplementation of existing QM systems

Have you already introduced a quality management system? We check it for conformity with the latest standards and, if necessary, supplement it with new structures and processes. In doing so, we involve you and your employees with your expertise: Findings for improvement or implementation are analysed, evaluated and implemented on site in the form of direct Trainings for all those involved and the existing interfaces.

Coaching and training for the analysis and implementation of QM systems

Your employees will be informed about the new requirements of the standard. Questions about this are answered in detail in order to create transparency. If tools have been newly installed, new measures proposed or solutions developed, those involved are intensively coached. In this way, they actively participate in the implementation of improvements and experience the continuous improvement process first-hand - with professional support and active collaboration related to practice. Through learning by doing, your employees are accompanied in their work processes in order to subsequently be able to independently manage, steer and evaluate the internal processes.

Carrying out internal audits for the active implementation of aims

Your employees learn about the audit process as part of a further training measure in their own company. Targeted coaching shows them the value of this tool as an aid for analysing, evaluating and improving all processes in the examined areas of work and enables them to actively accompany the auditing process. In this way, those affected become involved - as well as appreciated and motivated employees.

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